Like Mother, Like Daughter

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."  While this concept is true on different levels, we continue to embrace its meaning through each other's support.

My name is Kayce. I am the Lily, Lead Coordinator, and Daughter.  I can trace my dream career back to the perfectly planned surprise 16th birthday party I threw for my little sister.  I remember the exhilaration I felt seeing her so surprised, so happy, so loved. It was that same summer that my dad helped me see the light in changing majors in college; he helped start the path to where I am today in my career. And it's been these years after that I have been able to see my mom for who she really is - my best friend and partner in crime.

My name is Joanie. I am the Primrose, Bookkeeper, and Mother.  As a mother of two daughters, there have always been projects for school and parties for birthdays and holidays.  I tried to let the girls “do their thing” but was always close by to add suggestions.  Fast forward and it has become one daughter asking for tips, suggestions, and “how to’s” as she pursues her dream.  It’s only natural for me to support her and be a part of her future.  She’s my mini me.

Ask anyone who knows us and they'll tell you we are inseparable, real-life Gilmore Girls.  We feed off of each other's strengths - whether it be time management, creativity, or constructive arguing, and help each other smooth the edges of our weaknesses - such as bluntness, perfectionism and constructive arguing.  Primrose + Lily is the dream of one fueled by the hearts of two.  If you want a supportive team that will treat you like family and be honest on all fronts, then you've found it!

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